We are starting our Books We Like series with one of the best parenting books ever written. Dr. Thomas W. Phelan is a clinical psychologist and  expert  on behavioral modification and ADHD.

Parents try to explain, negotiate, nag, reason, forgetting that kids are not little adults, they are kids and they act like kids. Then  parents get frustrated and emotional, loosing control of the situation, or worse falling into a "parent tantrum mode".... 

The effective discipline is based on consistent, decisive, and calm approach: No-Talking and No-Emotion Rules. This is when the parent is truly in control. 

In this short and easy to  read book Dr. Phelan helps parents to control the obnoxious behavior, encourage good behavior, manage kids manipulations and, as result, strengthen the relationship with the child.

Highly recommended. It works! 
Title:     1-2-3 Magic, Effective                      Discipline  for Children 2 - 12

Author:   Thomas W. Phelan, Ph.D.

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